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Founded in November 2017, EduMetrix is a revolutionary decentralized educational platform powered by the blockchain technology. Taking a detour from the rote method of imparting information and knowledge, EduMetrix aims to build the bridge between all the stakeholders in the global education ecosystem. Closing the knowledge gaps by improving accessibility to learning tools and resources in a secure environment offers EduMetrix its distinctive identity when it comes to education in the digital.


To offer a decentralized digital platform for closing knowledge & learning gaps, connect with experts and incubate promising ideas.


To create a learning and knowledge exchange ecosystem that nurtures every learning journey and provides scope for entrepreneurship at global level.

The EduMetrix Network

There are five critical stakeholders in the entire EduMetrix network and they are:

Students - The ‘Student’ group right from KG to university hold a pivotal space in the entire network as this entire platform revolves around knowledge transfer and education. The students leverage this platform to connect with the best subject matter experts globally and close their information gaps. Here the students get an opportunity to showcase their skills through pilot projects that get funded at the platform level.

Subject Matter Experts - The SMEs or the ‘Subject Matter Experts’ play a key role in closing the knowledge and information gaps through learning aids such as Live Chat, Live Video Tutoring, Social Media Platform, Online Library, Lecture Broadcasts, and Online Games. The experts who are a part of this niche web of knowledge transfer come with rich industry experience.

Educational Institutions - The third and important stakeholder is ‘Educational Institution’. The role of educational institutions is to help children onboard a platform that helps them access world class information.

Enterprises - The fourth important stakeholder is the enterprise or the companies who access the resource pool generated at the platform level.

Parent -The fifth stake holder is the ‘Parent’. The parents have an important role in activating a feedback mechanism in the system. They can log into the parent dashboard and have a clear understanding of their child’s academic progress through well-defined metrics developed by EduMetrix.

Very importantly, apart from all the stakeholders, there is an entity that brings in a convergence of all the action happening within the educational network. This is ‘Projects’. Projects are legal and well-defined entities that showcase the level of innovation of ‘Students’. These projects are developed with constant mentoring from the ‘Subject matter Experts’. The projects listed and incubated at the platform level grabs the attention of the ‘Enterprises’. So the best ideas get the funding and the support at a greater level for further shaping as new technology or a working principle.

Capabilities Leveraged by the Stakeholders

Each stakeholder in the EduMetrix network leverages capabilities and functionalities offered once initiated into the network. Students leverage the platform to connect to the experts across the globe to access rich learning resource, develop projects and publish them on the social platform. This is a phenomenal way to get recognised globally. The subject matter experts use this platform to showcase their knowledge transfer capabilities and get globally recognised for their skills. The educational institutions employ the ERP capabilities offered by EduMetrix to manage their entire teacher-student database seamlessly and advertise their educational programmes at the global level. Finally, the enterprises gain significant access to the pool of innovative ideas and real people bringing those ideas to the table.

Reward & Recognition: The Competitive Advantage

EduMetrix is an entirely a free network for the students and experts. The social media platform built within the block chain ecosystem enables students to earn while they learn and interact with other partners. This earning is directly proportional to the level of online exercises and interesting assignments completed. These tasks and games are specifically designed with the help of artificial engineering backed by application of leaning pedagogy. The students are encouraged to share information rich content with other students and for each pre-evaluated and approved content piece they share, they get paid in the respective currency of their country, depending upon the reach of that content within the EduMetrix network. Pre-evaluation of the content gives an opportunity for the students to exercise discretionary powers and respect the aim of social platforms. For experts, the platform offers a phenomenal opportunity to showcase their skills and get recognized at a global level. Additionally, for every act of mentoring and supporting a student, the experts too get paid. Overall, it’s a value-creating system of education that nurtures an environment of collaboration and drives benefit for everyone.

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Founder & CEO
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Director & COO
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Director & CFO
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